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The Special Parent Podcast

Dr. Deanna Iverson

The Special Parent Podcast offers weekly inspiration, hope, and guidance for parents of children with disabilities.  Hosted by Dr. Deanna Iverson- Mom of 3 boys, 2 with special needs, high school counselor for kids in need of emotional and social support, and a Doctor of Community Counseling and Traumatology,   Dr. D knows the daily struggles and the love required of a "special" parent.

Dr. D believes that empowering parents of special needs children is like giving them the superpower of unconditional love, unwavering strength, and unbreakable determination. They are the real superheroes, capable of overcoming any challenge and making a positive impact on the world. Their love knows no limits, and their strength knows no bounds. With their unwavering dedication, they are not just parents, they are true champions, shaping a brighter future for their incredible children.